If you’re looking for impartial breast pump reviews or articles about expressing milk, this site is for you. I’m Ray, founder of Expressing Mama, busy mom of three and professional breastfeeding advisor (BSc). One the best parts of my job is helping moms realize you can combine breastfeeding with a busy modern life. My approach is to inform you with enough knowledge to make choices that are right for you and your family.

I made the decision to exclusively pump for my third baby after opting to formula feed my first two children. Everyone assumed by the third baby I knew what I was doing, but I hadn’t a clue! I dedicated hours researching anything and everything about expressing milk, from the best breast pumps to setting up a pumping schedule to fit it all in.

The Aim

A new mom never has enough hours in the day, this one-stop guide means you no longer have to spend hours researching to find what you need. Being able to continue breastfeeding with the help of expressed milk gives you a great sense of achievement, I hope I can help you feel that.

Expressing Mama is always looking to give the best advice so we appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions for the site.

Best wishes
Ray x

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