Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump Review

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The Evenflo Double electric breast pump was designed to see you through those first hazy days of breastfeeding and any problems that endue. That aching feeling of engorgement and sore breasts can be soothed by this pump. Then further down the line when you are returning to work, this pump can help maintain your milk supply by expressing. That’s the great thing about breast pumps; they allow you the freedom to fit breastfeeding into your life.

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Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump Review

The Evenflo brand is one of those rare companies which actually make their products in the USA. Priced around the $100 mark for a double breast pump, Expressing Mama was intrigued to find out if this breast pump was of any value, or a wet boob! Read on for our findings and exactly what other moms are saying about the Evenflo double electric breast pump.

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We’ve had a real in depth view of the features, power and motor strength of the Evenflo double breast pump. Taking all these into consideration this breast pump is suited most to mum who:

• need to maintain milk supply
• looking for relief from engorgement or sore nipples
• will be frequently expressing (up to twice a day)
• are returning to work
• need a effective, electric breast pump on a budget

We would not recommend this pump for exclusive pumping mums (3 or more pumps a day) as it will put too much pressure on the motor. If you have severe problems with low milk supply then we would recommend looking for a more powerful hospital grade pump such as a Spectra S1 or a Medela Symphony.

Personalized Pumping

Having control over suction setting on your pump is extremely important for comfort. If you uncomfortable when expressing milk then you will get a very poor yield. The Advanced Comfort feature of the Evenflo Double breast pump ensure you can adjust both speed and suction settings. With 32 different combinations there should be one which suits you which is broken down to 8 Suction Settings (max 57 cycles per minute) and 4 Cycle Speeds (max 250mmHG).

The buttons are a simple push control with lights to indicate the setting you are on. This function also means that you will be able to mimic the suction action of your baby. Starting with a short fast pace to stimulate the milk, and then switch to a long slow pace when the milk flows. This technique will allow you to express as much milk as possible with each pump session.

Comfortable Fit

A great feature of this pump is that it comes with three different breast shield sizes included in the package. Most breast pump will only come with a standard 24 mm breast shield and maybe optional sizes which you need to by separately. The Evenflo double breast pump comes with a standard 30.5mm flange and two additional inserts which turn the flange size into 28mm or 24.5mm sizes. The different shield sizes ensure optimal comfort levels whether you have small or larger breasts.

An additional bonus of the breast shields is that they are designed with a ‘no slouch’ design. The shorter nipple tunnel and higher bottle to flange angle makes sure you are much more comfortable holding the collection bottles for long periods, without it causing staring on your hand. It will also prevent you need into to contort your back into awkward positions to allow the milk to flow into the bottle without causing any backflow.

Features and Specifications

• The Evenflo Advanced Double is a fairly compact, lightweight pump making it portable with its carry bag.
• This pump can be used as a double pump or single pump.
• The pump can be powered with a mains power supply and a battery option which doesn’t affect the efficiency.
• Two comfort control dials: 8 suctions levels, 4 speed cycles.
• Few parts which are easy to assemble and clean and a useful user manual.
• hygienic closed System which prevents mould growth
• 2 breastfeeding education programs by Shari Criso, (IBCLC, CNM, RN) to help you with breastfeeding basics and adjusting to breastfeeding when returning to work.
• Three breast shields: 30.5 mm, 28 mm, 24.5 mm to accommodate most breast sizes
• Two generous 5oz BPA free collection bottles with easily read measuring marks.
• Extra membranes and valves to use once the originals needs replaced.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

The Evenflo advanced double breast pump is a great value breast pump. It has pulled out all the stops to ensure you have a comfortable pump with an effective motor. This pump is a really great price for a double electric pump, so consider this if you think it would suit your needs.

There were 27 customer reviews at the time of writing, which gave the Evenflo Advanced Double an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

You have to agree that a 4.3 rating for a double breast pump at a bargain price is quite impressive. However there are a few points to consider with this breast pump. One customer stated “It is a bit loud”.

Realistically we would love electric breast pumps to be as quiet as possible; however it’s understandable that with any motorised equipment there will be a slight mechanical churn. If this is off putting to you then you may want to consider a slightly more expensive pump with a heavier casing which dulls the pump sound. Yet we found a great tip from another mom who suggested using the pump in the drawstring bag, or under a towel to reduce the noise made.

Other reviewers commented “It’s a great buy for the low price!”, and “It gets the job done just as well as my old $300 pump.”, and “Great pump” and finally “I do recommend this one”
At such a great price it makes it very easy for us to recommend the Evenflo Advanced Double breast pump.

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In summary, this Evenflo model is a great double pump, at a great price for a frequent expressing mom. It was designed to ensure you have comfort and control over your pumping sessions, to ensure you get a good yield. Consider this breast pump if you’re looking for an effective double electric pump, but not looking to invest too much money. If you fit into our ‘recommended’ use categories then listen to other moms who have purchased and recommended this pump.