How to Buy a Nursing Bra

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How to buy nursing bra

Knowing how to buy a nursing bra a necessity for a modern breastfeeding mother. You don’t want to be that mom who finds this out whilst in the throes of handling a crying newborn and trying to manoeuvre your regular bra over your head. With so many options available in store and online, you will need to know the basics of how to buy a nursing bra to narrow the selection. Expressing mama has uncovered the best features to help you find the perfect breastfeeding bra.

How to Buy a Nursing Bra


If you’re the type of woman who loves pretty lingerie and is always matching then this will be important features for you. Brands have really up their game in the last few years with regard to maternity style. Gone are boring grandma bras, replaced with innovative fabrics which look pretty but provide support. You are now able to purchase sets which include both a nursing bra and pants to match.


When you are breastfeeding your breast sizes can grow up to 3 times your pre pregnancy size. This means that will need support for your breasts during the time you are nursing. Typically, nursing bras have been non-wired as tight support may cause problems with blocked milk ducts. If you have a large chest you should consider a nursing bra with at least 4-5 clasp hooks at the back to provide adequate back support.


Getting measured for a nursing bra is just as important as getting measured for a regular bra. When breastfeeding your breasts will fluctuate in size throughout the day but a great nursing bra will accommodate this. Nursing bras are easily available to accommodate all sizes from an A cup to N cup. Remember during a fitting you will need to accommodate room for nursing pads within the cup to prevent milk leaks.


You may want to buy a few comfort bras which are used for those ‘growth spurt’ days. You know the ones where baby is constantly attached to your breast and you should just lounge around with baby. These bras have light support but are often seamless making them ideal sleep nursing bras, as they prevent any rubbing of fabrics. Consider what type of fabric feel most comfortable to you and allows breathability. It’s no use buying a pretty satin bra which will leave you feeling like a hot sweaty mess after 20 minutes of wearing. You may want to consider under band or strap size and consider if they will ‘dig in’ after a few hours of wear.

Ease of use

The best type of nursing bra will allow you to pop open a cup one-handed. It’s not only convenient but helps you to feed discreetly if others are around. Look for a nursing bra with a popper or a clip system. You will need to consider how easy the bra is to put on. If your breast are engorged and tender it’s difficult to manoeuvre a bra overhead and a clasp clip would be more suitable.


Consider your budget for purchasing a good nursing bra. Ideally you will need at least 4 bras to see you through different use and washing. It’s best to invest in you good breastfeeding bras as a bad fit can cause a whole host of breast problems. Look out for dual purpose bras which can be converted to regular bras when you finish nursing, to get the best value for money.