Top 10 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

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What’s the best bottles for breastfed babies?

If you are expressing breast milk and have to be separated from baby for a period of time, then you will need to use a bottle to feed baby.

Using baby bottles can lead to breastfeeding problems due to a common occurrence known as ‘nipple confusion‘. Basically, you don’t want baby having a preference for bottles over your breast.

One way to tackle this is to find a bottle designed for your breastfeeding baby, then you can easily change between the two without any issues.

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Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies / bottles for breastfeeding

If you’re stumped on where to start, then we’ve done all the hard work for you. Keep reading for our top bottle recommendations. First let’s discover what you should look from your bottles.

The features of a great ‘breast milk’ teat:

  • Slow flow or baby controlled flow – to prevent over feeding
  • Deep shape -to allow baby to mimic breastfeeding tongue rhythm
  • Soft texture – to mimic a real nipple
  • Wide base – so baby can mimic breast attachment

Top 10 Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies

1.  Comotomo Natural Feel

The Comotomo natural feel is a unique design as the whole bottle is made of soft silicone. The softness of the teat gives it a breast like texture for your baby, rather than a hard plastic tube. The teat is soft and wide for baby to keep the same latch as they would at the breast.

These bottles are great for newborns and older babies. We love that older babies can squash the bottle just like they do at the breast. It comes with a slow flow teat which prevents leaks, and allows baby control over the milk flow.

Even moms that exclusively breastfed love these, it’s the only bottles their babies take to them with no problems. They are an ideal design for switching between breast and bottle feeding to prevent nipple confusion.

2. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow

These Dr Brown’s bottles are bestsellers all over the world. They come highly recommended from the moms who have used them, because they work.  These are the perfect bottles for dealing with baby colic or wind.

The bottle is designed to be vacuum free, with an internal vent throughout the bottle for air to escape. This means less air gets trapped in baby’s tummy during a feed. For a breastfed baby you may want to use the Size 0 (premmie) nipple to ensure maximum control.

A lot of moms are put off by these bottles as there are lots of parts to assemble. A few minutes extra to wash bottles are a pain, but think of all the misery saved for having an upset baby with trapped wind.

3. Philips Avent Natural Glass

If you are concerned about using plastic for feeding baby, the Philips Avent natural glass range is a great alternative. The bottles are made of glass, which is also great for cleaning.

If the Dr Brown bottles haven’t worked for you, then a lot of mums find success with the Avent range. The leak-free vent allows your baby to control the flow of milk, and helps to prevent nipple confusion. This makes it easier to switch between breast and bottle without any issues.

4. Lansinoh Momma NaturalWave

If your baby requires a soft short teat, then the Lansinoh mOmma bottles are fantastic. These bottles are highly rated by exclusively breastfeeding moms returning to work. They are deigned to be as soft as possible but structured to prevent collapsing in baby’s mouth. To prevent colic the bottles are vented to allow air to flow out.

The Lansinoh natural wave bottles are on par with the Dr Browns bottles. We suggest trying these if you want the benefits of the Dr Brown bottles but easier to clean.

5. First Years BreastFlow

The concept behind the breast flow bottles is very innovative for mimicking breastfeeding. The ‘double nipple’ means that baby has to suck and compress the teat to get the milk out. This means baby has to work much harder to get the milk, and minimizes nipple confusion.

Although popular, The First Years BreastFlow bottles can be a bit hit or miss with ratings. A lot of moms love them for how similar they are to the breast. For others, they found the design lost them some milk by being trapped between the inner and outer teats.nippleconfusion2

6. Medela Calma

The Medela brand is like the Dyson of the breastfeeding world. The calma teat is the result of their research into breastfeeding teats for bottles. The teat work by encouraging baby to create a vacuum between their mouth and the teat, and only then the milk will flow. This allows baby to feed, pause and breathe, just like they would when breastfeeding.

The best thing about this design is that it doesn’t leak easily. As baby has to work to get the milk out and won’t get lazy when he goes back to the breast. You should consider these teats if you already have a pump and bottles form the Medela range.

As there is only one size of Calma teat available, some moms found it was too long for their baby. If you require a bottle with a shorter teat, we recommend the Comotomo or the Lansinoh mOmma.

7. Playtex Premium Nurser

If you are looking for a simplified way to feed baby expressed milk look no further that the Playtex Premium nurser. The bottle adopt a drop in liner system, which removes one of the biggest disadvantages of bottle feeding – the cleaning. You can pump directly into the liners, store (even freeze) and then pop into the bottle to feed. How easy is that?

The liner collapses as the milk is removed, so that no air is left for baby to take in. This reduces colic and a fussy baby. The teat is also designed to mimic a baby’s natural latch action.

These bottles are one of the highest rated bottles on the market. They are reasonably priced, too. Just remember that you will need to continue buying additional liners, but for most moms, the convenience is worth the extra expense. Moms simply love them for their giving their breastfed baby expressed milk.

8. MAM Anti-Colic

The MAM Anti colic bottles are another alternative to try if you have a colicky or fussy baby. Moms that have tried lots of other brands rate these bottles very highly.

Most vented bottles are designed with holes around the top where baby feeds. The mama anti-colic has a vented base design to allow air to escape when the bottle is tilted.

We love that these bottle are self- sterilizing, making cleaning so much easier. Simply fill the base with water and place in the microwave for a few minutes, and you’re done.

9. Kiinde Squeeze

A new concept to bottles in the Kiinde Squeeze pouch feeding system. Similar to the Playtex liners, you can pump directly into the pouch, store and feed to baby. The pouches also collapse as milk drains and excess air is eliminated.

The teats easily clip onto the pouch and are designed to be deep and wide to prevent ‘lazy-latching’ from baby.

We highly recommend these if you are a working mom or have hectic family life and simply don’t have the time to wash and sterile bottles. It’s not the cheapest system, however, moms seem to love this system. It’s definitely one to consider if you want to invest in a good feeding system without all the trial and error.

10. Munchkin Latch

The Munchkin Latch comes with an ‘accordion’ style teat, which mimics the flexibility of your breasts. These are ideal if your baby doesn’t like the long shaped nipples, but struggles to get a deep enough latch onto the teat. The design also creates a feedback mechanism where milk is only released when they apply pressure to the base of the teat, like they would when breastfeeding.

To prevent excess air in the milk, there is an anti-colic valve at the base of the bottle. They are the perfect solution if your baby has problems with colic or gas.

Moms recommend these particularly for slow nipple flow, which is a lot slower than average ‘slow flow’ teats. Consider these bottles if you fed up of other bottle types which easily leak and dribble milk and choke baby at each feed.